Foil Co. was founded in 1980 by our current chairman Mr. Haldun Peksayar.

We are one of the major importers and distributors of printing paper in Turkey and act as sole agent for several overseas suppliers. Since the beginning of new millenium, we are converting paper by coating, coloring, laminating, embossing, cutting, rewinding and slitting.

Our company is active in a 6.000 m2 covered area in Istanbul. With our fine staff, machine park and adequate storage facilities, we are continuously and successfully distributing our products to all over Turkey and neighboring countries.

Until now, we have worked on the following products for the local markets:
  • Machinery and parts for the paper industry
  • 5-Roll Silicone Coating Machine, Laminating Machine, Rotagravure Coating Machine, Flexo Coating Machine
  • Paper and boards for the printing and packaging industry
  • Coated/laminated materials for the packaging industry
  • Plasma monitors
  • Electronic equipment
  • Chemical goods

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